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If you are a small business looking to setup in a great location along with other great businesses, we have the space for you. Our retail storefront located in Belle Fourche, SD, is the perfect location for boutiques, candy stores, IT services, etc. Step inside the world of an easy, all in one retail storefront with management that cares.

Retail Storefront

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About Our Storefront

We look for businesses and business owners who are looking to setup shop for the long-term since we care for our tenants and we want them to care as well. We operate under the values of trust, hard work and easy living. Our goal is to make you as happy as possible since it will make us happy as well.

How Are We Different?


We are very selective of our relationships including owner, vendor and guests. Everything is taken into consideration and carefully, thoughtfully and intuitively managed.

Boutique & Mighty

We are a small but capable firm who focuses on maximum performance since we insist on maintaining intimate relationships and focusing on every detail. 


We built K&K Teulu based on key values of trust, integrity, dependability and completion to ensure we are always staying true to who we are. 

Unique Experience

Our experiences in real estate management, strategies, marketing, design and construction gives us a unique perspectives on every property we have a chance to work with. 

Our Storefront Services

Rent Collection

We will ensure that the rent for each occupied space is collected on-time, every time.

Tenant Communications

We will handle all communications between you and tenants including disputes, requests, and more.

Site Inspections

Our team will diligently inspect your property and units to ensure everything is up to code and our personal standard.


We will ensure your sites have the proper security solutions in place for maximum safety.

Marketing & Advertising

We will help you market and advertise your property to attract the best possible tenants and customers.

Property Maintenance

We will handle all basic maintenance issues such as a broken toilet or burnt lightbulbs.

Budget Preparation

Our team will diligently help you plan your yearly budget to ensure you are maximizing your investments.

Service Contract Negotiation

We will hash out all the details of your service contract between you and your tenants.

Monthly Reports

We will compile and explain data surrounding your investment and property performance.

Monthly Reports

We will compile and explain data surrounding your investment and property performance.

Receivership Management

If need be, we can help you manage the receivership to recover any funds in default.

Rent Escalations

Given the state of the market, we will also aid you with and handle any rent escalations.

Ask Us About Our Commercial Services